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Candidatura del PSM a Sant Llorenš

psmsantllorenc | 21 Abril, 2011 20:15


1. Dolors Sánchez Márquez
2. Tomàs Martínez Miró
3. Francesca Ramon Bauzà «Ramona»
4. Jeroni Francesc Llodrà Sureda «Monito»
5. Bàrbara Mesquida Nicolau «Carbona»
6. Aina Maria Simonet Ballester «Anita»
7. Mariona Llodrà Galmés
8. Margalida Rosa Soler Salas «Vellaca»
9. Dieter Dengler
10. Mateu Massanet Flaquer
11. Jerònia Martorell Garau
12. Josep Cortès Servera «Mosca»
13. Antoni Sansó Servera «Cuc»  
1. Miguel Sureda Jaume «Serverí»
2. Eulalia Cardona Vives «Lali»
3. Clementina González Arias «Clemen»

Vos presentam la llista dels candidats a les eleccions locals a l'ajuntament de Sant Llorenç per aquest Maig 11.


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  1. 1. PEP  |  07-05-2011 a les 21:48

    Vareu ser els primers en empaperar Sant Llorenš. AixÝ m'agrada, feiners. Fora son!

  2. 2. PEP  |  07-05-2011 a les 21:50

    Els n˙meros 12 i 13 de la llista sˇn en "Mosca" i en "Cuc". Aix˛ pareix l'Arca de NO╚.

  3. 3. baykan kombi servisi  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:22

    A Dealbreaker food challenge? Involving Herbalife shakes? Imagine two furious billionaire nutters quaffing lo-cal, high protein, chalky tasting muck rapid fire whilst locked eye-to-eye, maybe even with wrists tied a-la Escape From New York (or was that a Michael Jackson video? These kinda things blur).

  4. 4. baymak kombi servisi  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:23

    Repeat the steps as necessary. If you feel that your trash talking is ineffective, it's probably a good idea to stop.

  5. 5. demird÷kŘm servis  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:23

    Many people have built an immunity to trash talking and therefore it doesn't affect them at all. If you run across this kind of person, your best call is to just shut your mouth and own them at whatever you are doing.

  6. 6. eca kombi servisi  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:28

    If this happens it is much easier to trash talk that person next time you challenge them at this particular event.

  7. 7. vestel klima servisi  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:29

    Be extremely loud. This triggers a pain receptor in the brain and therefor you could actually force your opponent to feel pain just by yelling at them. (Icahn wins)

  8. 8. klima servisi  |  25-12-2013 a les 11:45

    Using big words, that have a good meaning behind them, also work. Your opponent will not know what the words mean, therefore they become speech less. (This is Ackman's ONLY shot at this stage)

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